Cataract Videos

Sub-Tenon anaesthesia

Switch from Intra-cameral to sub-Tenon’s anaesthesia in cataract surgery

Sub-conjunctival anaesthesia

Straightforward phacoemulsification – cataract surgery

Brunescent cataract, white mature cortex, needle and cannula aspiration of emulsified cortex, spiral CCC

Toric monofocal intraocular lens to correct astigmatism

Toric IOL keratoconus patient, soft lens, two halfs phaco, vision blue, floppy iris

Polar cataract, hydrodelineation, gentle peripheral only hydro and viscodissection

Polar cataract with posterior capsule true defect & CCC retrieval

Dense cataract, switch to Viscoat when realised very dense, difficulties cracking the posterior plate in dense cataract 20-5-2016

Zonules weakness capsulorhexis retractors, intra capsular tension ring

Pseudoexfoliation, white cataract, small pupil shallow anterior chamber

Vertical chopping – Dens+++ large size cataract, spiral CCC

Viscosynaechiotomy 360 degrees, stretching the pupil, small pupil phaco, Mydrane used

Repeat hydro-dissection with  flip of nucleus – soft lens 

Previous Trabeculectomy wit iris fibres to the Trab.’s side port, NVI from CRVO, posterior synechiae, only eye

Capsulorhexis in hugely swollen white cataract, liquefied cortex aspiration, constant Healon 5 top-up

White hugely swollen cataract, discontinuation of capsulorhexis, healon 5 used

Floppy iris management with Healon GV

Capsulorhexis after anterior capsule damage with keratome by a trainee

Anterior chamber haemorrhage during phacoemulsification

Posterior capsule rupture – trainee, anterior vitrectomy – consultant, IOL in the bag

Amsler sign during cataract surgery in two patients with heterochromic cyclitis

Aspirating a fibre at the end of phacoemulsification

Polishing the posterior capsule 

Posterior capsule soft lens matter irrigation

Stuck haptic in the cartridge

Stuck IOL haptic in the cartridge

Spiral capsulorhexis in a swollen cataract
Phacoemulsification in a patient with previous radial keratotomy
Polishing the posterior capsule
Viscoat entrapment of a lens fragment

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